About Us

The Vine & Craven Hunt trail hunts on Tuesdays and Saturdays from the end of August to the end of March.  We maintain the tradition of Autumn trail hunting in the early morning from the start of the season to the Opening Meet, normally the last Saturday in October.  We then meet at 11.00 for the remainder of the season.  We also have bye days on some Thursdays during September, October, February and March.

Along with other hunts we regard the current ban as temporary and the Hunting Act as being detrimental to animal welfare and actively support the campaign for its repeal.

Until that time however we intend to carry out only legal activities.  Landowners, Subscribers, Members and Followers have been informed to this effect.

We will continue to maintain a workable pack of hounds to ensure the continuation of our long-established lines of breeding.

For more information on trail hunting, please see the Countryside Alliance's Guide to trail hunting here

Where we hunt.

Our hunt country covers part of West Berkshire, North Hampshire and a small part of East Wiltshire. The north end of the country is made up of the open Berkshire and Marlborough Downs, in great contrast to the more wooded areas further south. Most of our country is very open and therefore obstacles tend to be timber hunt jumps or ditches. The main exception to the downland is the area east of the A339 where the country is closer, fields are small and normally bounded by ditches as well as thick hedges. However, there is always an alternative way round if you wish.

Our mounted fields are not vast, typically 15 - 25 horses on a weekday and 20 - 35 on a Saturday. Obviously Opening Meet, Boxing Day and some other meets attract larger fields. We pride ourselves on being a very friendly and welcoming hunt.

The Vine & Craven Hunt was formed in 1968 by an amalgamation of the Craven Farmers' Hunt and the Vine Hunt. The kennels are located in Hannington, Hampshire.

If you would like to come and have a day with us, contact the Secretary. If you would like to hire a horse for the day contact Lucinda Green, see the classified section for more details.

The options for hunting with us are subscription (full, family or weekday), vouchers for a number of days or a one day cap.

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